Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

“Owning a home has been more positive than I ever imagined. I love the freedom to let the kids play outside without having to worry. I haven’t ever had that before.”

– Kristin, Habitat homeowner

Smiling family

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County believes that all hard-working individuals and families should have access to the benefits and stability of homeownership. In this belief, we are committed to partnering with families to build simple, decent, and affordable housing.

The low cost of our homes is made possible by the exceptional support of our community. Building costs remain low thanks to impressive donations and generous volunteerism. These factors make it possible to sell our homes at no profit to the affiliate.

Basic Criteria

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to be a homeowner through Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County, please consider our three basic criteria:

  1. Need for Housing
  2. Ability to Pay
  3. Willingness to Partner

Our Process

  1. After determining that you meet our three criteria, you will attend an information meeting and fill out the full application.
  2. Our Family Selection Committee with then review your application and hold a home interview to determine your status for homeownership.
  3. Once approved, you will be asked to sign a Covenant Agreement and make a modest deposit toward your home.
  4. Your are then eligible to start earning sweat equity. At minimum, each adult family member will be required to complete 250 hours of sweat equity. Often a build lot offering is based on which family has the most sweat equity accrued. So have fun, and start sweating!
  5. Once your family reaches the top of the sweat equity list, you will be offered a build lot, at which time you will start working on your own home's progress!

Give Now

Thank you for considering a gift to Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County! There are a variety of ways to donate to support our mission.

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