2017 Cicero Build Days

Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Construction scheduled for May 13th - August 2nd: Build Day Sponsors Still Available 

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County is teaming up with community partners to build a brand new home for a family in need in Cicero, IN. Construction for the home will begin May 13th, 2017.

Under new leadership of Executive Director Jason Haney, and a new class of board leaders, this spring home build is the first of the 2017 year for the Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County.

The home will benefit Eric and his family, who, due to sudden life change, was taken from two incomes down to one, triggering a downward financial spiral. The situation left Eric and his three school-aged children struggling to find safe and affordable housing while trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. 



"You think you're on one path in life, but you forget the path you walk isn't always controlled by you," says Eric. "I am so grateful for the hard working people of Habitat for Humanity, I feel as if I can finally start my life now!"

Community partners including local corporations and faith-based organizations have signed on to donate financial support and volunteer time to build the homes in partnership with the family. During the build days, volunteers assist in several construction tasks such as framing, insulation, sheet rocking, installing flooring, painting, site clean up and other general construction. 

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County is looking to fill a number of additional build day sponsors. To volunteer, contact outreach@habitathamiltoncounty.org or call 317.896.9423

 The process of building a home through Habitat for Humanity begins with the donation or purchase of land or a home. Next, a low-income family needs to meet Habitat criteria, and materials and services are donated or purchased. The partner homeowner then dedicates 250 hours of sweat equity and 50 hours of education classes to help build their home. Volunteers in the community then build the home in partnership with the family. The home is then sold to the family via long tern, no-interest mortgage, which allows the family to own a safe, decent home that meets their needs.

About Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County 

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County's mission is to partner with low-income, hardworking families in Hamilton County under the conviction that every person ad family deserves a safe, decent and affordable place to live. Habitat homeowners pay interest-free, no-profit mortgages, which are used to build more Habitat houses.Because houses are principally build with volunteer labor, mortgage payments are affordable for low-income partners.

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